"Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live"

Name: Celica Ayatsuki Mercury

Birthday: September 8th

Height: 160cm

Weight: 51kg

Blood type: A

Celica is a young mage from the Magister's City Ishana, an island hidden away from the world where mages live. Celica is highly skilled in floating magic, describing floating as being like second nature for her, as well as healing magic, an incredibly rare type of magic few can use, especially at her level.

She is also the sister of Nine, one of the Ten Sages that govern Ishana, and is loved by her sister very much.

Celica exhibits almost inhuman levels of compassion, and is kind to just about everyone she meets. She is incredibly loyal and determined, and doesn't like relying on others for protection as they often insist.

She also has a terrible sense of direction, making her take considerable time to arrive at destinations even close by. Despite this, one of her favorite activities is to go on walks. She also enjoys reading, and surprisingly is a fan of shoenen stories, especially those featuring gruff but well-meaning protagonists.

Some things about me:

I realized I'd fallen in love with Celica in December 2015. Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact date, so we celebrate Christmas as our anniversary.
I love Celica a lot, and she's very precious to me. I want to always be there for her, to protect her. To keep her happy, and to be her shoulder to cry on.